Are Opportunities Created or Discovered?

Some opportunities are discovered, while other opportunities are created.

Each individual has the necessary tools to recognize what is on the inside of them and to be able to capture the opportunities that surround them.

Opportunities are around us every day.

Why aren’t those tools being recognized?

  • Distractions
  •  You are not seeing yourself being able to acquire, because of a flawed inner image
  •  Having the wrong associations. If you are surrounded by individuals who are not agreeing to better themselves, and you are trying to, there is no agreement there.  Two cannot walk together unless they agree.

There will always be friction. 

I know people and I talk to everybody, but I do not hang out with everybody.  There are several people that I have known for over 25 years, who want to get together and hang out, but they are not a part of my season right now.  I recognize it would be a time waster for me and a draining of my energy.

I’m a strong believer in seasons.

As far as Created Opportunities….

When I launched out in the opportunities that I was to walk in, I then created opportunities for others.

See the greatness in yourself, and at the same time see the greatness in others, and when you do, create an opportunity for another individual to draw out the best in them.