Inspirational Book Coach

My Story

I want to explain why I decided to share my story, the reason being that people are always asking me how to write books.  You know there is a way to write books and be successful in getting people to buy your books.  I realize that what may be easy for one person is not necessarily easy for another.

Here is the reality, I know through my own interaction with people they are not struggling with the knowledge that they possess they are struggling financially.  Many people are finding that they feel like they are on a merry go round and they are trying repeatedly to get it right, but they are not going anywhere financially. 

There are too many people who are stuck in a space of financial scarcity and it is a big part of my mission to embrace the fact that with greatness comes great responsibility.  God says, “To whom much is given much will be required.”

A big part of my mission is serving the world with my unique heart print to share my knowledge of writing books and the method I use to generate $$$$$, so I can help more people who want exactly what I wanted 10 years ago and show you that it is possible for you to achieve that.

I want to change the world and a big part of me changing the world means I must use what I know and what I have learned through first-hand experience to be able to help others.  That is how you create change. 

I want to make a lasting impact on as many people that God allows me to touch.  If all of us could just own that not only will we be stepping up to the plate and sharing what we know consistently, but we very likely will be generating more because we believe in the value of what we are bringing into the marketplace.  When you believe in the value that you bring and know that it is going to change somebody’s life, how can you not share it? 

Some of you are not hitting the numbers that you want financially because you are not selling what you know, because you are too busy diminishing what you know, you are too busy telling yourself, nobody is going to want to buy it, or they possibly would not want it from me and that is completely opposite of the truth. 

I am a successful Book Coach, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Speaker, who has traveled and shared my message with other entrepreneurs, with women, with men, building their self-confidence, so they can reach others for the glory of God. 

I do not take this lightly.  My mission is my assignment.  I have met some interesting people along my journey.  I have spoken for some amazing conferences, companies, organizations, both profit and non-profit, groups and wherever else my journey took me.  I have been blessed on this journey.  I have generated more money in these last 10 years more than I did when I was in corporate America.  Do you hear what I am saying? 

When I came into the knowledge of writing and sharing my expertise with others my entire life changed.   I have shifted the trajectory of my life through the money I brought in through my business. 

It was more than I made in corporate America sitting in a cubicle every day miserable because I felt there was more for me, but I did not know how to reach it. 

I came to work when they told me.  I left work when they told me to leave.  I had to get permission to take a day off or even to go on vacations.  That was my reality.  That was my life.  Do you want to know the crazy part about my time in corporate America, I did not think I was qualified, or adequate, or even worthy to do anything else?  I would always think that was for special people.  I was not in the group that I considered special. 

We are all wonderfully made and unique.  I could not envision myself generating 5 figures in my own business, much less 6 figures? 

In corporate America, your salary is capped, and you can only get so far up the ladder.  So, it was hard for me to imagine doing 5 figures, much less 7 or 8 figures.

You can be stifled at what you do not know, but once I became an entrepreneur, I entered the marketplace. I positioned myself to be paid for what I did know.

Realize, there are people that are waiting and willing to pay you for what you do know.  Do you hear what I am saying to you?

It is less about what you do not know and more about what you do know and what you are writing to share with someone else.  

When I got tired of being in corporate America and decided that I wanted to start my own business there still were some challenges I had to overcome.

I am telling you that I stayed broke in my business for so long because nobody would tell me how to do this stuff.  I stayed broke for so long.  I kept trying to figure out why do I feel this is my calling.  Why do I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing and God assigned me to do this?  I kept trying to connect the dots.  I know I am supposed to be doing this, but I am not making any money?  It got so bad that I wanted to go back and get a job.  It was that bad.  I could not get a grip on it.  I could not understand for the life of me how do I love doing something so much and yet my bank account was broken.  My bank account was not reflective of how I was serving the world.  Do you know the clincher, when you do find the answer the investment is such an astronomical price that you cannot even say yes? 

When I tell you I believe God has destined me to interrupt and disrupt and bring truth to the marketplace in a big way and to share with people what I know in a way that is accessible, in a way that is an easy yes for them, I am telling you, I am going to change the world. 

I am going to change and touch as many lives as I can. There are 7 Billion people in the world.  Am I going to touch all 7 billion?  No, but I believe, that I can touch enough people where I can make an impact in their lives.  I know I will never be forgotten for changing their lives and my legacy will proceed me.  Every one of you should be in a position to do the same. 

There are over 7 Billion people in the world, so there is no reason for you not to know what the people who are making millions know.  Do you know why?  There is enough for you to get your millions too.  There is enough for every one of you to be making your millions or however much, that would allow you to create the lifestyle you want. 

It is time for you to live your best life.  There is no reason for scarcity.  There is no reason for lack.  There is no reason to settle for leftovers. Your bank account should always be set up where you can still take care of your family. 

I have been there where my bank account was not reflective of what I was doing.  Let us create change.  Let us do things differently.  Let us set ourselves up for financial success. 

You may love what you do.  You might even be serving people in a big way.  Maybe you are helping them further themselves, but are you helping yourself?  Are you helping your family?  Are you positioning your family to be in a different place financially?  Are you positioning your family to do things that they never experienced before? 

Last year my husband, my son and myself we got to go and travel to several places out of the country.  That was because my business has allowed me to do that.  My business has positioned me to be able to travel, whenever I want to, and as many times a year that I want to.  I was not the only one that went on an international trip, but my entire family. 

My business was able to finance that.  So, now the business that I poured so much into, that I served people so well is now serving me well.  What I am saying to you is the same is possible for you.  It may not happen tomorrow, but you sure can get started today. 

And one of the best ways to get started is to take what you know, to formulate it, package it, and to sell it.

You can generate as much as $10k or more.  You can do that for each book that you write.  You can do that!  I know you can!


This Is Your Time.  This Is Your Season.  This Is YOUR TURNING POINT!