My Story

It was 2005 and the real estate market was going bust.  I am a person who always pays my bills on time and I was suddenly without a job 2 months before the holidays.

What was I to do?  We kept our travel plans with the family as I continued to email my resumes. 

Finally, after 3 months I received a call from a temp agency.  It was contract work, but at least I had a job where I could fill in the gaps for the next six months.

In the seventh month, the big guys came down from corporate headquarters and met with everyone saying that the location was closing. 

The company had merged with another bank and everything was being consolidated.  All this was to take place within the next two months. 

All this instability was weighing heavily upon me.  I mentioned earlier that I always paid my bills on time and paid my balances in full several times a year.  It was no struggle between my husband and my incomes. 

We had just built a home and purchased a new vehicle the year prior to my being laid off.  I tell you this had me go into a deep depression.

I would send out my resumes in the morning and would spend the rest of the day crying because I did not receive any callbacks.

Again disappointment.  Being laid-off again.  I was tired of this merry-go-round being at the mercy of someone deciding to hire me or not.  I have education and experience. 

I began to ask myself, “Do I continue looking for employment, or do I start a business of my own?”  That was a risk that I was willing to take.  I had several things that I considered hobbies but never once thought of going into business for myself.  I believed that what I considered a hobby could be the answer to my situation.

I have always enjoyed writing and sharing inspiration with others.  I have won contests in school and had my works performed on stages before large crowds.  Never once considering that this could be something, I considered a business. 

Sometimes, when you are involved in corporate America, you cannot see your potential.

Writing had even been a part of my volunteer work where I directed and developed programs for the outreach of a large organization.

Through my writing, I helped to transform lives teaching women how to embrace their self-worth.  Helping them to shift their mind and see all their possibilities.  I have written books, articles, done speeches to show women how to re-build their self-confidence.

The transition was not easy.  I struggled to the point of me thinking that I show go back and get a job.  A family living paycheck to paycheck is not easy.

There was something on the inside of me that was tugging at my heart not to give up my dream.

Launching out when you have no options takes faith.  Yes, there have been challenges when things do not go as planned, but inside of you, there is that vision.

It is that vision that is slowly manifesting.  Sometimes, you do not even know or see it, but there are people who are viewing you from a distance.  Not until someone mentions how you have given them hope do you realize the impact.

Many people ask me, “Gertrude, how do I write my book?”  I decided to teach them not only how to write their book but how to turn their book into multiple streams of income.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone has the knowledge to provide solutions based on their expertise.

Anyone can write a bunch of words and place those written words between two covers and call it a book.  The question, “Is that book successful?”

Whose life did that book transform?  Did that book position anyone’s life?  What value did that book contain?

Through unfortunate circumstances, my life was being re-directed.  It brings me great joy to be able to use my resources to teach aspiring writers, who may be in a rough financial situation to write their story using the proper guidelines to reach their ideal audience and generate income for their household.

Everyone has a story to tell and expertise in a specific area.

Remember, This Is Your Time.  This Is Your Season.  This Is YOUR TURNING POINT! ™