Building self-confidence can be challenging at times especially if you are surrounded by negative people and environments, but there is hope.


Here are a few ways to build your self-confidence:

  1. Learn how to re-program your subconscious mind by using self-talk.  Practice speaking to yourself every day.  It resets your thoughts to line up with your intentions.
  2. Use meditation to clear your mind from self-defeating thoughts.  It teaching you to avoid indulging in anything that will sabotage your goals.
  3. Take walks to refresh yourself as you practice taking deep breathes and exhaling.  It releases the stress that you have accumulated in your body.  Walking not only clears your mind, but it is good for your health.
  4. Seek knowledge by learning something new each day.  As you occupy yourself with learning new things you have less time to think about thoughts that do not serve your purpose.  Always seek to learn new things and techniques that will enhance your life.  You never know when that new knowledge will be a benefit to your life in the future.
  5. See yourself the way you desire to be and look and just do it.  Every day add something new to yourself that will bring value to your life.  Begin collecting items for your signature look, your career, or your business. 

As you acquire those items use them do not place them aside waiting to collect everything then you start.  Start where you are and move forward.  Assimilate the items into your everyday life. 

Feel the energy and excitement of achieving each small goal.  Before long, you will be right where you pictured yourself and having exactly what you desired.