Depression Articles

You do not have to feel hopeless anymore.  Our lives have been impacted by the widespread news of famous individuals who were driven to suicide from being depressed. 

How about the nameless individuals who are suffering in private?  Some of these people live right among us.  Isn't their pain just as important?  It most certainly is and should be addressed.

Sometimes the reason that we neglect the signs of depression because it is brushed off as a bad attitude.   We should pay attention to the silent cries of those among us.  We cannot get so accustomed to the familiar that we neglect the signs of depression.

Depression is a strong weight that suppresses the mind to see there is no hope in sight.  It comes with such pressure that it causes those who are affected to act out of sorts.

The best way to describe depression is being trapped in a cave clouded by pitch blackness with no way of escape.

Pay attention to these silent cries:

1.  Mood swings

2.  Crying spells

3.  Sleep deprivation

4.  Hopelessness

5.  Loneliness

6.  Emptiness

7.  Complaining

8.  Someone thinking or saying they are a burden

9.  Feeling discouraged

10.  Despair

11.  Self-pity

12.  Isolation

13.  Expressing no one understands

14.  Feeling like a victim


You may be able to add other symptoms to the list.  These feelings are real to the one living with depression and are not a joke.  Sometimes, it only takes being a listening ear to someone who is going through a mental battle and on the brink of giving up.

There is an acquaintance I became close to.  I have watched her family grow.  She is a very nice individual, but her problem is she likes to wear the pants in the family. 

She has overlooked her husband's authority for so long that the husband has just checked out.  He does not care what happens.  In his mind, he has distanced himself from all of the chaos in their household.  He is only existing. 

Do not point fingers, because this may not be your situation, but there still can be something else that you are dealing with that has pinned you down.  You never know what others are experiencing and how they use methods to protect themselves from the pain. This is sad but true. 

Be kind, understanding and supportive to enable the person to release those heavy burdens they have been trying to carry for too long.  We are not meant to carry burdens.  Everyone has to have an outlet.

Another situation that often gets overlooked is when an individual has become disabled or ill and cannot do the things they once did and depressions set in.

These are delicate situations that should not be taken lightly.  Seeking professional help is vital.  Never take matters into your own hands.  Certainly, you can ask the individual if they would like you to come along for support.

Most importantly, do display a loving and kind atmosphere, because of the fragility of the individual.  This is not the time to point fingers or use degrading accusations, but a time to display encouragement.  Listen and respond as the barriers of defense are being broken down.  

No more can the expression be used that the person is only seeking attention.  No one really knows how someone feels in their heart, except that person.

How can you show support to someone who is depressed:

1.  Be attentive

2.  Treat with love and kindness

3.  Lend a listening ear

4.  Be supportive

5.  Lead the person to seek professional help if needed


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