Fear Articles

Fear paralyzes and stops you from achieving your goals because the entire portion has not been experienced.  Instead, something is assumed without knowing the true nature of whatever you may be facing.

There are many types of fears, but they all stem from not knowing.  

Releasing yourself from fear is a bold step you make when you come face to face with whatever bring fear to you.  You decide that you will no longer be held hostage by this unstable opponent called fear.

There are 3 major fears that will hinder anyone from achieving their dream and goals: 

1.Fear of Failure - Trying to please others and worrying about what they are thinking.

Stop worrying about what other people think and allow your expertise to shine through the process.  Pulling in unnecessary opposition causes you to focus on the unhealthy thought patterns instead of focusing on what you should be accomplishing.  Focus on winning and excelling beyond your ability to complete the project.  

Many times, what a person thinks someone else is thinking is only a facade trapped in the person's own mind.  It never was true in the first place.

2.Fear of Success - Not knowing what to expect.

 When a person has not experienced a huge jump or a level of success where they are unsure they are able to handle they tend to place it safely.  Often, they scale down the opportunity to what they can manage, instead of using this opportunity as a launching pad of breaking the barrier.

If one is to ever experience a significant change in life they have to be willing to break the barrier of being able to maintain only what you can physically handle or produce.


Why not you?  Why not now?  Use your creative abilities to pull in other resources that you may not have even thought of before and design a plan that will enable you to be successful in your endeavor.

3.  Fear of Rejection - the feeling of experiencing deep hurts and pain.

People who have gone through rejection are apathetic about allowing people to get close to them.  They remember the past times when they allowed themselves to open their heart to someone they thought they could trust and it ended up causing their spirit to be crushed.

It takes a lot for people to allow themselves to trust again because they have set up mind triggers.  These triggers can be words or actions. 

Wounded people are very careful and observant.  They put up a wall to protect their heart from ever being hurt again.

I find that a lot of people suffering from fear of rejection are caring and loving people.  They possess a kind heart.  They carry their hearts on their sleeve and are careful about breaking through boundaries.  They do not want to offend anyone, because they have the first-hand experience from going through the pain of being rejected.