Negativity Articles

At the core of negativity is the root of bitterness.  Negativity leads to a sour disposition.  Harboring a negative viewpoint is a hindrance to seeing great opportunities.

Here are a few traits stemming from a root of bitterness:

1.  Blaming - Not taking responsibility for one's own actions

2.  Complaining - Dissatisfied with everything 

3.  Critical Judging - Focusing on the negative aspects without any real solution

4.  Ridicule - Making fun of the shortfalls of others

5.  Unforgiveness - Having resentment for another

All of these traits cause one's view to be distorted.  The traits are personal distractions that not only affects the view but eats at one's core.  

Keep in mind that an atmosphere of negativity is conducive to birthing negative thoughts.

  • Negativity increases if it is not checked. 
  • Negativity causes a downward spiraling and stops success from progressing.
  • Negativity causes you not to see your true value.

There is hope.  Rise, Recognize and Be Accountable. 

Choose to change.  Discipline your mind.  Concentrate on the positive.  Shift your perception and desire to see the good and positive in everything.  

Learn to see the positive in the darkest situations.  Be inspired to live a rewarding lifestyle.  As you depart out of the darkness of negativity and enter the light of understanding the effects of the above traits, you will be released from those bondages.

Your confidence will come alive because you are energized and focused on your goals to produce life by bringing value to others.

Stop wasting your valuable time and energy on empty thoughts like negativity.  Harness your mind for effective use by thinking positive and embracing your self-worth.